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Independent uptime protection and business solution, ensuring the reliability of your business broadband always.

maximising broadband uptime

Cellular backup ensuring the continuity
of your business broadband.

Cellular backup ensuring the continuity of your business broadband.

In the unlikely event of a Fibre outage, our unique uptime protection solution ensures the continuity of your business, by automatically routing data via 4G data networks. This solution reinforces your connection until the primary Fibre Optic connection recovers, preserving critical business operations, whilst using the same IPv4 address of your Fibre Optic service.


Using digital EPOS or payment processing? Make sure you never miss a business opportunity.

24/7 Connectivity

Enjoy 100% uptime with our enterprise grade solution, that is excellent value for money.


Voice over IP, video calls, and cloud- based corporate tools all function much more efficiently.

Future proofed

Prepare for future outages or disruptions, with the latest in broadband technology.


Our team of mobile experts use a range of class-leading technology, to maximise 4G speed and availability, keeping businesses connected in the unlikely event that the Fibre Optic Connection fails using EE, Vodafone, Three, multi-network connection Data-only SIMs with Unlimited 4G capacity.

how it works

Added reinforcement ensuring
business continuity

Added reinforcement ensuring business continuity

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continuity with your business, with increased reliability and lower latency.

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