WiFi Mesh - Eliminate dead spots for good.

Create a seamless Wi-Fi network in your home with revolutionary technology.

why choose MESH?

Experience both powerful speeds and long-range connectivity.

Better connection

Wi-Fi 6 improves speed, increases efficiency and reduces congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios

Maximised coverage

Mesh maximises WiFi coverage in your home and concentrates signal strength towards every device.

Seamless roaming

A unified wireless network is used throughout the whole home, providing a truly seamless wireless experience.

Enhanced Security

WPA3 encryption, Multi-SSID, VPN, and Parent Control provide safer online experience.

TP-link home Mesh

Full WiFi coverage

Our Mesh solution works to provide; faster network speeds, and seamless coverage in every corner of your home. All Mesh units work together to form one unified network, meaning all deviced will automatically connect as you move though your home.

connect 250+ devices

No more buffering

Experience advanced WiFi 6 with cutting-edge Mesh technology, enabling seamless connections for over 250+ devices. Connect a higher number of devices without compromising network performance.

Aginet Mesh app

Easy to use App

After our engineers finish installing the Mesh solution at your residence, you’ll gain the ability to control network preferences using your smartphone or tablet. Within a matter of minutes, you can configure your device easily using either the user-friendly Aginet app or the robust web interface that’s available.

Why choose us?

We offer the fastest speeds in town, with increased reliability and lower latency. Don’t settle for copper, when you can have the best for less!

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